Heres What the Media Doesnt Want You to Know About the #McKinney Pool Party Incident


The liberal media has always pushed a race-baiting agenda. But since Ferguson last summer, and accelerating after Baltimore, they have kicked it up into high gear with every incident involving police use of force framed in racial terms.

You can rely on the media to abandon journalistic integrity, leaving out key details, and ignoring inconvenient, politically incorrect facts that dont support their narrative: White cops bad, Black (anyone) a victim of racism.

The McKinney pool party incident is a case in point.

As Michael Cantrell of YC reported, a black man who lives in the community where the incident took place is saying the whole snafu has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with thugs breaking into the party. Thats right, a Black man called them thugs. Prepare for liberal heads to explode…


But thats not all. Heres a video of a brawl that broke out while police were already on the scene, clearly indicating things at this little shindig were way out of control.

But thats still not all. Another witness, who attended the private pool event describes being threatened by some of the thugs who crashed the party…


Not one of these facts were revealed on the major news networks, over the past two days, according to news aggregator LexisNexis.

What a, um, surprise. If I didnt know better, I might think they dont want us to know.

As Cantrell remarked:

This incident, based on a set of facts from folks who were there, seems to have nothing to do with race, but has everything to do with a bunch of wild, out of control thugs being violent.

Look how quickly the media and everyone else immediately jumped to the conclusion this was racially motivated. This kind of response is exactly what were being conditioned to do by progressives in the media and government.

A more divided America means liberals can retain black voters by appearing to be the party of equality, when in reality, they dont see blacks or any other minority as people, but as votes.

This is why they bury information like this and continue to push a false narrative. To lose control of the narrative is to lose power.

This is why its critical for Americans to get off their duff and do their own homework on the issues and news being reported to us because we no longer live in a day and age where the media is objectively reporting the facts and allowing us to draw our own conclusions.

UPDATE: The cop involved in the incident has just resigned.

[h/t YoungCons, The Right Scoop]