Al-Jazeera America Producer: Disrespectful to Show Photo of San Bernardino Female Terrorist Without Burka


In one of the more ridiculous cases of stupidity youll ever read about, heres a producer for Al-Jazeera America objecting to ABC releasing a photo of San Bernardino jihadist Tashfeen Malik without her face covered…

From Weasel Zippers:



Utterly insane!

Malik, along with husband Syed Farook, was a mass murdering radical Islamic terrorist who slaughtered 14 innocent men and women, and leaving 32 children without a mom or dad.

And Hashem Said has to gall to defend this monster, by criticizing ABC for disrespecting her as a Muslim?

But remember, he is not alone...Obama himself agrees. As Top Right News reported earlier, the Obama Administration itself had delayed releasing her photo for 24 hours out of sensitivity to Muslims. Perhaps another reason is that no photos of Malik wearing the full-face niqab she and her husband preferred were available.

Malik committed a crime against humanity, and we shouldnt be catering to her religious preferences at all.

But…what do you want to bet that the liberals at ABC will actually consider this seriously and be more cautious next time. This is how our Sharia-compliant media typically works…under-reporting horrible crimes by Muslims, and exaggerating nearly non-existent hate crimes in America.